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Map of Mike Rose for Field Marshals  
LOBOS RUSH Parent Volunteer Scheduling - One 5 hour shift per year  

Our first LOBOS RUSH sponsored tournament for the spring is upcoming and for our club to continue to host successful events, we again need strong volunteer support. We are using VolunteerSpot to coordinate the effort, using the same process that has been used in previous years. However, we are providing you the opportunity to sign up for any of our four spring events today.

In order to sign up for one or more positions, please follow these instructions:
1. Choose the tournament(s) you wish to work by clicking on the link on the top left of this page. 
2. Enter the email address that Lobos Rush families use the most (we will send any updates via that address)
3. When prompted, enter your name and the team of the family's youngest player
4. When prompted, the mobile phone number that the volunteer will have available during their shift (that is the number we will use to contact volunteers the day of the event)

Also, here are a few things to keep in mind as you consider volunteering for a tournament:
* EACH LOBOS RUSH FAMILY IS REQUIRED TO WORK (1), 5 HOUR SHIFT. That is, each family is required to work 1 shift, NOT 1 shift per family per Lobos Rush player.
* Volunteers must be at least 15 years old.
* If a family fails to volunteer before May 1, 2016, and is called on to serve, but cannot, they will be assessed a $200 fee (as prescribed in the Try-Out document).
* If you did not fulfill your commitment in the fall and you are the parent of a boy playing high school soccer in the spring, you are still obligated to complete your shift.

MANAGERS- within a week of each tournament, I can provide you a list of those who have completed their volunteer commitment to help remind those who have yet to sign up.
* Every position is critical to the success of the tournament. When you select a shift, it is important that you are prepared to work the entire shift. If you must leave your post prior to the end of your shift, please contact Lee McGlamery at 901-647-2528. Likewise, if you select a shift but must cancel 5 days or less prior to your shift, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find a replacement to work your shift. If such a change is necessary, please contact Lee McGlamery at 901-647-2528 or by email at lmcglamery@cattlco.com.
* Please arrive at check-in for your assignment 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift to receive instructions.
* For those working registration, please note the change in the location to the Mike Rose Soccer Complex office (next to stadium). In the event of a change in registration location, you will be notified at least 1 week before your shift.

 For Field Marshals, Floater Field Marshals
* Please check-in for your shift at Soccer Central (the offices at the stadium complex)
* Field Marshals will receive their field assignment and instructions when they check-in for their shift. We will try to accommodate those wanting to be assigned to the field on which their child is playing, however, requests are on a first come basis.
* Field Marshals will need to have a mobile phone with them during their shift. Please be sure to provide that number at check-in and during the registration process on VolunteerSpot.

For anyone who has not volunteered before and wonder what is entailed, please see below for more of a detailed outline of “what to expect” during a 4 hour tournament shift. YOU are an integral part of the success of these tournaments, and we truly appreciate your support of CSA LOBOS RUSH. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions; my email address is lmcglamery@cattlco.com

Example of Duties: Duties will be given when you arrive at soccer central (inside the office at the front of the stadium), but so that you will be adequately prepared, please follow these guidelines:
1. Arrive at least 15 minutes early for your shift.
2. If you have a child playing this weekend at the same time you are scheduled to marshal, the sooner you let me know what time and where they are playing, the easier it will be for me to assign you accordingly so you don’t miss their game.
3. Please bring your fully charged cell phone. If you bring a cell with a different number than what you listed on volunteerspot.com, please be sure to let us know when you check in. Cell phones will be used to communicate scores to soccer central, and they are a way for us to contact you directly if we have a question about a game or situation.
4. If you want to sit down, please bring a lawn chair with you as there are NO CHAIRS PROVIDED.
5. Bring food, water, blankets, etc. – whatever you want/need during your shift.

Below are the instructions that are printed on the back of the folder that you will be receiving. Please review these instructions so that you will have a basic understanding of what you will be doing before you arrive at check-in. We will go through all of these instructions again at check-in as well, and again, they are printed on the back of the folder you will be using. Also included in these instructions are length of play, point system, and field locations. The job of field marshal is very important and very easy as well:

1. Call SoccerCentral and tell us the Game Score the moment the games on your fields end. Start by telling us the GAME # and then the score of the game, using both team names. Call SoccerCentral using your cell phone (not the walkie talkie) to call in scores. Use 601-1389 (there may be a different number used this weekend – will be on the back of the folder) to call in scores. DO NOT use the walkie talkie to call in scores unless asked. THE REFEREE SHOULD BRING YOU THE GAME CARD (You will likely have to go to them to get the card. As soon as you see the game is over, go to the center ref and wait on the game card). ENSURE THE SCORE IS ENTERED ON THE GAME CARD AND THAT ALL REFEREES’ NAMES ARE LEGIBLY WRITTEN. -Due to the high volume of calls being received with scores, it is essential that you give ONLY the game number and score. You will call the number, and the person answering will ask for the game number. At that point you will reply something like, “Game 305, Lobos Elite 1, Chicago Fire 0.” That is the only information needed. If SoccerCentral has a question about that score or anything else, they will call you back. There will also be a cart that will come around from time-to-time to pick up game cards (kept in your folder).
2. Call Ortho One (sports trainers) using your Walkie Talkie if you witness an injury. Start by telling Ortho One what FIELD they need to travel to. Typically, someone will come to you asking to call a trainer, but if play has been stopped and you sense that a trainer may be needed, you can make your way to the field and ask if you need to call a trainer. Ortho One needs to know the field where the injury is and color of the injured player’s team, not the nature of the injury.
3. Call the Ref Tent using your Walkie Talkie if Refs have not arrive at the appointed field by GAME TIME. The Referee Assignor will probably want to know if any of the refs have shown up, and if so, which ones. If referees have not shown up by 10 minutes until game time, give the ref tent a call so we don’t allow game start times to be delayed.
4. Call SoccerCentral on the Walkie Talkie if any player, coach, or spectator is ejected from the game. We will come and retrieve the player card if the person ejected was a player or coach. The player card will be kept at SoccerCentral until the end of the next game (players and coaches must miss the next game if they are sent off the field. When you retrieve the game card at the end of the game, the referee will also give you the player card as well. Please put that card in your folder until someone comes around to pick it up. If players, coaches, parents ask you when they can retrieve the player card, please direct them to SoccerCentral. You DO NOT have to check in any teams, and you DO NOT have to check or hold rosters or player cards. The teams should give a have a new tournament roster for every game, so the center referee can keep or dispose of the roster he held for the game. You DO NOT have to pay referees; they will be paid in SoccerCentral when they have completed all games they were scheduled to referee over the weekend. You have, in your binder, a list of all games being played on your fields. You also have a Master Schedule, sorted by age, in the binder in case someone is looking for a particular game. You also have a set of tournament rules in your binder. Remember, you represent Collierville Soccer, so please be courteous and helpful. Finally, please wear the orange or yellow vest (provided) so that people can identify you as a Marshal (including your replacement). Remember to keep your walkie talkie turned on (set to Channel 1 when you receive them), and when talking, push the talk button and wait a second before talking so that your conversation does not get cut off. Speak clearly, and when you are finished, let go of the button so that the person you are calling can respond. If you continue to hold the button down, you will tie up the communication.

Color codings on the fields (see picture at left) show how field marshals are assigned. For example, one field marshal covers 8 and 9 while another marshal covers fields 6 and 7, etc., etc.

Weekend Forecast – Please check before your shift so that you can arrive adequately prepared:

http://www.weather.com/weather/5day/l/38017:4:US .

Thank you for your time and commitment to your Lobos Rush club. Until Saturday/Sunday, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call.

Kindest regards,
Lee McGlamery
Volunteer Coordinator

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